24/02/04: Sean Isaac redpoints M11+ and flashes M10-.

On February 16, Sean Isaac made the 6th ascent of Rocky Mountain Horror Show (M11+) at the Cineplex in the Canadian Rockies. The route drytools a 20m horizontal roof to ice at the lip. This was Isaac's first confirmed M11 which is considered the third hardest mixed route in the Canadian Rockies (if not North America) after Musashi (M12) and The Game (M13?). Having sent it he now feels that his and Dave Thomson's Phyllis Diller from 2001 may have been undergraded at M10 and should probably warrent an M11 grade as well.

Only three days later at St-Alban in Quebec, Isaac fired Petit Victor (M10), the east's hardest mixed route on his second try. He immediately followed this up by a flash of Ecstasy (M10-). However, he is quick to point out that these routes would be M9 if in the Canadian Rockies where mixed grades are much stiffer. Rob Owens, also of Canmore who was travelling with Isaac, flashed Petit Victor and on-sighted Ecstasy.


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