22/01/03: Canadians take top positions in Ouray mixed climbing competition.

Every year the Ouray Ice Festival located in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado host the prestigious Ouray Invitational Competition where the best ice and mixed climbers from all over North America and even Europe gather to compete in front of hundreds of spectators. This year, Canadian's took the top five positions in the men's event and top two in the women's. The winner of the men's was two time previous champion, Raphael Slawinski from Calgary, Alberta. In the women's, Shelly Nairn made a surprised victory over three time winner, Kim Csizmazia, both of Canmore, Alberta.


  1. Raphael Slawinki (CAN)
  2. Rob Owens (CAN)
  3. Rich Marshall (CAN)
  4. Sean Isaac (CAN)
  5. Scott Semple (CAN)
  6. Ryan Nelson (USA)
  7. Stephan Segrist (SWI)
  8. Jared Odgen (USA)
  9. Sven Krebs (USA)
  10. Guy lacelle (CAN)
  11. David Roetzel (USA)
  1. Shelly Nairn (CAN)
  2. Kim Csizmazia (CAN)
  3. Kristie Arind (USA)
  4. Sue Nott (USA)


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