I am not a soloist, nor will I ever be one. Luckily, I have had the fortune to share many awesome pitches with many awesome partners. These guys are all super talented, motivated and outstanding climbers in addition to being fun and interesting people to hang out with. This list is by no means all my climbing partners, just the ones I have suffered through the intense experiences of expedition climbing with.

Guy Edwards: My first mountain experiences were in the company of this crazy character and I went on to enjoy many expeditions as well as cragging days with him. Tragically, he was killed along with John Millar on the serious (and never climbed) north face of the Devil's Thumb in April 2003.

Dave Thomson: My mixed climbing mentor. If Dave gets it in his head, he wants to learn a new sport, he usually masters it within a few months.

Shawn Huisman: Frequent climbing partner and personal stock advisor.

Scott Semple: In the few years I have known Scott, he has transformed from an ice climbing bumbly to one of Canada's top alpinists.

Brian Webster: Friend, family man and international mountain guide.

Matt Maddaloni: Cracks, sport, slabs, boulders, aid, big walls. If it is granite, Matt can send it.

Scott Decapio: Scott once lived in his VW Fox (a tiny hatchback) for three years, traveling North America in search of rock, ice and mountains. His unlimited energy and motivation has worn many a partner out.

Larry Dolecki: I suffered through early ice climbing sagas with Larry. Now he is a full mountain guide.

Louis-Julien Roy: Mixed climbing partner and proprietor of Mountain Exposure.

Conny Amelunxen: Conny and I hooked up by chance when my partner bailed before a trip to Patagonia. I had never met Conny but he was keen. Now he is a Squamish hardman and mountain guide.

Andreas Taylor: Met Andreas in Yosemite and immediately hit it off with numerous one-day big wall ascents. A year later we went new routing in the NWT.

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